Orchid flowers

This morning I saw the sun shining through the petals of my orchid flowers. I have four plants and they flower for ages, but this is the only one in flower at the moment. I decided to mirror it to create a more abstract, alien image, perhaps a real alien! I adjusted the colour to a more blue grey tone. It was very yellow because of the morning sunlight.


I have grown this plant in my bathroom for years, it sometimes has tiny white flowers. I think it’s a maiden hair fern but I’m not sure. Then a month or so ago a small green seed capsule appeared on it. Now its turned from green to red. I wonder if it does contain seeds? I might try and discover what it really is.

I’ve just checked Google and its not a maiden hair fern. Does anyone out there know what it is? I need a plant checker on my phone… Not enough memory!


A new orchid as a present from my hubby. I now have four. Three of them have already flowered and I’m hoping in the summer I might get some more blooms. The old ones have masses of arial roots. I think I need to re-pot them soon. They need clear pots to allow light to get to their roots and the orcid compost has to be quite loose not packed in to allow the roots to breathe. I repotted them a couple of years ago so I think it will be OK to do it again. I need to check the details but I know they are happy in this window.

New Years Cactus

After watering these for a few weeks they are blooming. Christmas Cactii that I have on the kitchen windowledge. They don’t all flower at the same time. There has been a progression that started with a dark pink one before Christmas, then a pale white/pink coming up to new year and now these two. I’m not sure whether the light levels affect the flowering. I know I have one that won’t flower till sometime around Easter (if it’s an early Easter). I realise some people don’t like plants in the house, but to me it’s more about adding greenery to your life. The Cactii cheer me up. X

Christmas cactus

Christmas cactus flowering in the kitchen. These are a beautiful pale pink. I have some other ones that are red and dark pink.

How do they know when to flower? They always seem to come out around this time of year. As soon as the buds start to grow I start watering them and they soon grow and burst into flower. They are a lovely sight in the middle of winter.

Orchid drawing

Orchid plant, black ink drawing over green sprayed and blown ink. Based on the idea of Shibui found art by my friend Pejj Nunes. The idea is you create a background from paint by using random methods and then add detailed images on top of the base idea. I’m not sure if this is the correct way of doing it but I like it. …