A new orchid as a present from my hubby. I now have four. Three of them have already flowered and I’m hoping in the summer I might get some more blooms. The old ones have masses of arial roots. I think I need to re-pot them soon. They need clear pots to allow light to get to their roots and the orcid compost has to be quite loose not packed in to allow the roots to breathe. I repotted them a couple of years ago so I think it will be OK to do it again. I need to check the details but I know they are happy in this window.

3 thoughts on “Orchids

  1. I was going through my photo archives on my external hard drive and came across photos taken in the Botanic Gardens in Singapore. I had forgotten how gorgeous the orchids were. Stunning colours and speckled variations. I hope your orchids thrive!

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