Lemon tree

The fruit hanging at the bottom of this little tree is a lemon. Hubby bought the plant at the weekend because our lemon tree died a few years ago. This is sitting on top of our cat tree by the radiator so it can get full sun and warmth. Ii would have put it on the window ledge but I think it would be too hot directly above the radiator. I hope that this lemon and another one which is higher up the tree will ripen. If it does we will have it sliced with ice in a cool drink this summer. X


Warmth is essential to life, not excessive heat, but enough so you are able to be comfortable without shivering or having to wear outside clothes indoors. When I see the state that people in Turkey and Syria and also Ukraine are having to live in, it makes me so thankful for my circumstances. Earthquakes and Wars don’t spare anyone. Freezing winter temperatures are lethal if you don’t have shelter and warmth.

If you are aware of any charities that are collecting for these tragedies please consider donating to them. Compassion is so important.

Flopped cat!

He came in out the rain, jumped up on the chair arm and flopped down next to me. Head hanging down by my knee. So comfortable and relaxed. He wasn’t fully asleep though. As soon as I took his photo he decided to move.

All three of our cats were within a few feet of each other earlier on. I think it’s because we are just having a couple of heaters on in the living room to save energy. So they are huddling a bit to keep warm. Mi d you I’ve got the living room light on for a change. Sometimes it’s like living in a cave when we just have a couple of lamps on. I can imagine myself doing paintings of cats on the walls, like cave paintings. X

Cats in the garden

Warmest day of the year in the UK so far today. 19°c. A couple of weeks ago it was freezing. Our cats were out in the sunshine. Basking. On the chair on the ground. The third cat was mooching somewhere in the bushes so I missed getting a picture of her. Everything is growing madly so I had a go at trimming the top of a fir tree (not tall) and some branches off an overgrown buddlea. Now I ache all over, eight hours later. I wish I was a cat.

Picnic sketch

Oh to be able to go out in warm sunshine. To be able to sit on the ground (I can’t get up if I try and get down). This is a sketch I must have done a few years ago. The picnic blanket colours are probably made up to show up against the grass? The hands are a bit odd, but it is quite a speedy coloured pencil sketch so I guess that’s the cause. I think I was drawing on oil paint paper? It’s got quite a strong texture. You can see how the pencil has got gaps in it where there are dimples in the surface.

Nice memory, can I go back in time please?

Keeping warm

Almost too bright to look at, our small halogen heater is in the living room combating the cold of our old terraced house. Rather than putting the central heating on, or switching on the gas fire. I don’t know whether it is cost effective. Would running a blow heater be less expensive. I wish I knew where there was a comparison site to check on?

For instance, for baked potato’s I now part cook them in the microwave then bake the outside of them in the oven. But is this fuel efficient or should I just microwave them?

One pproblem is that the previous owner had the two reception rooms turned into a through lounge, plenty of space but more difficult to heat. As climate change increases and a move from fossil fuels is instigated what will be the new means of heating?