Today’s #uskstoke, day 36.


Day 36. Today’s challenge was to draw a reflection or mirrored image. This is a 6b pencil drawing, selfie in a spoon. It’s been a while since I drew hands, I think I may have made the thumb too big. Interesting how my head appears upside down, because the inner surface of the spoon is concave. Turn it round and on the back the image is the right way up because its convex.

The image on the back of your eye is upside down. The only reason why you see things the right way up is because your brain compensates for it!


Day 33, what does quarantine mean to you?


After several weeks, I’m a bit fed up, and my hair is the longest it’s ever been… But we are coping, I was going to draw my mostly empty fridge. I don’t have much veg….

I enjoy drawing with charcoal pencil. What you lose in definition you gain in character I think. I wasn’t trying for accuracy, but I wanted to depict my mood.

Five more days to go, then I may start doing something else.


‘Underneath’ day 28 usk challenge.


This is underneath the arch in our living room. There are various things hanging off it, like a disco glitter ball, which I sometimes shine a torch at when music is playing. Then there’s a star that lights up and changes colour, a model of a usaf plane and an old cardboard mobile of the solar system, which is so old it still includes Pluto! Also luminous stars stuck on the underside of the arch.

USK Stoke-on-Trent challenge had pushed me with lots of prompts. I thought of looking underneath the table, or at the shed roof, or even ‘Underneath the canopy of stars’, but this was easier. I haven’t added a great deal of detail as it is a sketch.


Growth, today’s challenge.


My orchid plant is growing fast. Ariel roots are growing out of the pot.

The flowers have been there for a few weeks now. I don’t know what species it is, just that it’s quite pink!

Stoke Urban Sketchers challenge, day 23. Black ink pen and permanent marker pens.




My little sewing kit. Today’s usk Stoke-on-Trent challenge was to draw something to do with haberdashery.

As I don’t make clothes, have any clothes patterns, or any fabric, I’m afraid this had to do. The material below the kit is a knitted cushion, a cat blanket, and a teatowel.

Without the kit I wouldn’t have had any subject matter to draw. I don’t know who will try and add to the challenge today. Now I’m off out in the sunshine to plant up some begonias.

Day 17, artists materials, quick sketch.


I’ve run out of steam a bit, so today’s sketch (day 17), is of the artists materials I’m using. Nibb bright coloured permanent markers.

I’ve drawn them with coloured pencils behind them and on my sketchbook. I could have added more of a background but it’s hard sometimes to be inspired. I might go out in the garden later and try and come up with something more interesting.

My energy levels are really down (I feel like my battery is flat) went to bed early last night and slept in. I still feel shattered. Ah well its all part of life.


Today’s challenge was clothes


Day 16, USK S-O-T sketching challenge is a self portrait of me wearing my favourite top, covered in red and black owls. It’s funny and quirky.

A few people are still keeping to the challenge, and some say they will catch up later. Some of the subjects are a bit odd, but it’s fun.

I was watching the artist Maggie Hambling on a programme called ‘Grayson Perry’s art club’. It’s a weekly programme on channel four encouraging people to do art while we are in lockdown. Maggie Hambling said draw something every day, and Grayson Perry reiterated that. I think they are right. The drawings I’m doing are my diary of my life at the moment.

Other celebrities were either drawing or making sculpture. Grayson and his wife created ceramic images based on their cat Kevin. Both created wonderful, abstract, exciting sculptures.

After seeing it I decided I shall continue….