Urban sketchers Stoke-on-Trent challenge day 34. Texture. My hubby sitting on his armchair on a black throw and leaning on a multi coloured knitted cushion cover.  The floor is covered with a blue textured and patterned rug.

I also tried to accentuate my hubbies smooth skin.

I used Faber Castell, goldfaber aqua pencils and Grafix coloured pencils. The Faber Castell ones are bendable with water. Only four mour days to go.


‘Underneath’ day 28 usk challenge.


This is underneath the arch in our living room. There are various things hanging off it, like a disco glitter ball, which I sometimes shine a torch at when music is playing. Then there’s a star that lights up and changes colour, a model of a usaf plane and an old cardboard mobile of the solar system, which is so old it still includes Pluto! Also luminous stars stuck on the underside of the arch.

USK Stoke-on-Trent challenge had pushed me with lots of prompts. I thought of looking underneath the table, or at the shed roof, or even ‘Underneath the canopy of stars’, but this was easier. I haven’t added a great deal of detail as it is a sketch.


Today’s challenge was ‘busy’

Today’s drawing session, these are for my Urban Sketchers Stoke-on-Trent daily challenge. I thought I would share them, I was planting up pots and trying to tidy up, plus attacking the ivy that’s taken over the garden. Finally had a beer with my hubby and then came round onto the back yard to listen to the blackbird singing on the chimney tops. That was wonderful. So melodious


Cutlery drawer

USK Stoke challenge today was to do a sketch of your cutlery drawer. The final sketch had black ink lining round the objects which I originally did with just 5b pencil, but it looked too indistinct.

Sketching is getting to be a habit now. I don’t think I can stop when it gets to the end of this particular challenge. To add to that I also like the fact that the ideas are from different people, so they are eclectic choices. It’s much more interesting drawing things like cutlery as well as the view out the window.

What will tomorrow bring?

Today’s challenge was clothes


Day 16, USK S-O-T sketching challenge is a self portrait of me wearing my favourite top, covered in red and black owls. It’s funny and quirky.

A few people are still keeping to the challenge, and some say they will catch up later. Some of the subjects are a bit odd, but it’s fun.

I was watching the artist Maggie Hambling on a programme called ‘Grayson Perry’s art club’. It’s a weekly programme on channel four encouraging people to do art while we are in lockdown. Maggie Hambling said draw something every day, and Grayson Perry reiterated that. I think they are right. The drawings I’m doing are my diary of my life at the moment.

Other celebrities were either drawing or making sculpture. Grayson and his wife created ceramic images based on their cat Kevin. Both created wonderful, abstract, exciting sculptures.

After seeing it I decided I shall continue….



Colourful, today’s usk challenge.

Today’s challenge was to draw something colourful. My eyes fell on an owl sculpture by a blacksmith who works at a Forge at Etruria, Stoke-on-Trent. She’s called Charis Jones and her company is called Sculpted Steel.

Behind the owl is a plate that my hubby painted at the Gladstone pottery museum in Longton.

I started by drawing the outlines in black ink. I then filled in the colours with permanent ink markers and a few coloured pencils.

The colours are not all accurate, but as the brief was colourful I added some to the books and cds in the background while trying not to overdo it.

I’ve included a reference photo to give you an idea of what I was working from.


Another drawing


Today’s #uskstoke challenge, day 13, Friday, back gate / door. As I don’t have a back gate these  are  reflections and distortions in the window of my back door. I hope you can see my hands and the black sketchbook reflected in the frosted glass. (it it frosted or patterned?). Anyway it’s quite difficult to draw your hands while you are drawing. They tend to move about, so this is more of an impression.

Some of the colour is outside, some inside. I think the patch of red and orange above my hands might be my face? I know the sketchbook is too small, bit it was difficult to see where the book ended and my cardigan started….