Dragons get everywhere

Oh I do like creating a dragon now and then. I decided to rotate my sky drawing and then add a bit of symmetrical drawing over the top. I think the result is quite cute.

It’s getting towards the end of the day, week, year and I’m looking at some of my older stuff. I might have to delete some of the earlier work. Memory on computers and phones seems to run out faster than humans!

Today’s challenge ‘Soft’

The second challenge set by our new sketching group ‘band of sketchers’ was ‘Soft’, not easy, until I saw my cat sitting in front of a big soft bag. Plus a mat she was sitting on. Its a pencil sketch with some black ink fine line pen work. It’s hard drawing moving cats. They have a tenancy to shift position just when you want to draw their eyes, or the position of their paws. I could have taken a photo but I wanted to draw direct from life.

Growth, today’s challenge.


My orchid plant is growing fast. Ariel roots are growing out of the pot.

The flowers have been there for a few weeks now. I don’t know what species it is, just that it’s quite pink!

Stoke Urban Sketchers challenge, day 23. Black ink pen and permanent marker pens.


Playing games


Oh, the things you find under the cupboard, covered in years of dust. I put it away ages ago because one of my old cats used to squirm under there and get stuck.

My chess set is glass. I hope to play a few games whilst things are locked down here. I’m not good at it, I can’t tell you how far ahead check mate is, and I’m never sure how or when to ‘Castle’.

I drew this because today’s sketching challenge from USK Stoke was playing games and I don’t know where my scrabble set has gone….. Day 24 of thirty. Drawn in pencil crayons and permanent markers.

I enjoyed using these colours, they may not be an exact match for the reality, but red and green are complementary colours, as are orange and blue. I thought they gave it some pizazz…!


Sketches at Cherished Chimneys.

This is a shop just over the road from the waiting room gallery. They sell ancient and modern chimneys, teapots, pottery and other collectables. Today they had a craft fair and they had a lot more stalls than us. Including lovely jewellery, art, fabric, illustrations and mulled wine and minced pies..! They also had santa Claus. I’m amazed that anyone came over and bought from us.

Urban Sketchers, Stoke-on-Trent had a get together and drew pictures of what was happening and what the place looked like. Unfortunately my photos had a reddish shade to them. I’ve tried to correct it on photo editor but it didn’t really work. I want to post better photos but I ve lost my sketchbook