Joint challenge.

During lock down last year, members of the Orme Art Group collaborated in recreating this Cezanne still life. We took a square each and copied what we saw in whatever medium we liked. Some of the images were smaller or larger than others so when the picture was put together not everything lined up. Also the colours vary because each artist was working to their own image colour settings. I think the resulting collage is rather good. We did several separate challenges like this over covid.

Found, tiny skull

I placed this skull inside a roll of sellotape to give an idea of scale. It’s sitting on an A6 sketchbook. I think we found it on a walk about ten years ago. I think it’s a rodents skull but the jaw is missing. I have it in my office room and use it when I want to do a still life (death)… A memento mori?

What is death, what happens when we die. To be left as just the bones. Oh sorry, getting a bit maudlin.

On the easel?

Forty years ago at college. I liked painting objects that were not necessarily beautiful. I did a series of oil paintings on board of tin cans. Sometimes on the desk, even propped on an easel.

I think I might have these stored upstairs somewhere. I still have old folders of drawings too. Being an artist is not just about selling things, or fame, it’s about trying to understand your mind. The trouble is, being a mind, it can change. One day I will think about a subject. The next I will have a new idea (or two or three or four?!). I can’t help it. I love it


Well its sort of finished….digital drawing on wacom tablet- oh Im out of practice….Random found pink objects with a green background for contrast and beige speaker and table top to show up the pink better…

a few years ago I would have been able to do better than this.. you know what practice does? It makes you do things better. In my case I used to do digital drawings virtually every day. I knew what buttons to press, what brushes to choose. So now I have to learn again and im definitly going to watch some videos on using photoshop and get a later version, this was done in Photoshop7… my very old version, I just don’t like the idea of paying a monthly fee to use the newer versions….

Digital drawing WIP

Trying to draw on the computer using my Wacom tablet. It’s hard because I usually doodle with a finger on my phone or with a stylus on a tablet. I actually find this harder to do, and I need practice. This is for a #bandofsketchers prompt for today. If I get it done I will post it here. Back to work…

Pots and apples

Just a photo I took a few days ago. A still life. I’m still ill and haven’t been out much recently, so I am thinking about what I can write about. As the saying goes, autumn is the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. It would be good to get out and enjoy the world but I’m keeping my germs to myself. Its only a cold but its still irritating.

Stay safe everyone.


Collaboration on Cezanne

Nine if us from the Orme art group collaborated to do this copy of a Cezanne still life. Each had a chosen oblong to copy. Mine was the sixth. With part of a peach and a glass.

Interesting how it turned out. I used permanent markers and a bit of watercolour paint. My colour pallette was limited by the colours of the felt pens. The other tricky thing was pattern matching, getting the fruit to line up and the colours to match. I think we did a good job. Wouldn’t mind doing another one. X

Home made lunch


Home made coleslaw (cabbage, carrot, red onion) with reduced calorie mayonnaise. A small piece of brown seeded bread with a bit of pate, a couple of chopped up tomatoes, half an avocado pear and some de-stoned red cherries. Also a few cheese and onion potato crisps. On a Portmeirion plate. Why? Because I liked the colours mainly. I watched a programme about still life last night and the interest that images of food created was fascinating. At one stage still life was seen as the lowest form of art, but the innovations of artists gradually made it more accessible and acceptable. Artists like Paul Cezanne and Pablo Picasso bought new definitions of what still life meant. Art is fascinating. It’s funny the ideas you can get by staring at a plate of food. X

Setting up a still life.

These are a few pictures I took when I was at college. They are pictures of objects I considered to turn into still lives. I finally did a painting based on the shiny plastic melanin? These pictures were taken almost forty years ago in my studio. The final one is oil paint on board. In one corner if you look closely is the painting of a hill covered in terraced houses that I did a copy of recently.

It’s good finding an old sketchbook with old hotis. It reminds me of what I was doing then. I also found pictures of old friends. I might post a couple of photos of them.

Stay safe and do Art!