Tonight’s sketches.

These are the best of the bunch of sketches I did at the Beehive pub in Honeywall tonight. Some of the others were not too bad, but when you are trying to draw moving people it is difficult to get enough information down rapidly enough. That was what happened with the other ones – I was not speedy enough.

One image I do want to get is my friend Kate playing the trombone. It’s a wonderful sound in a small pub. I’m also in love with the gleam and reflections on it. Next month I will try and get closer and do a better drawing if I can.

These drawings were done in a Seawhite of Brighton Plein Air Sketchbook size A5 with watercolour paper. Using a Bic grip roller black roller ball pen.

Still life set up?


Just found this photo…

Was it still life?  well it certainly is still!

I see art programmes where all sorts of things are put on display to be painted. I guess you have to use what comes to hand, but sometimes you can be limited by what’s available.

Positive things about this? I like the strong shadows being cast, there are interesting almost double shadows in front of the cups and saucers. I also like the blue cast shadow of the flowers and stems on the wall.

The cups and teapot are mismatched but at least they offer a challenge in getting their shapes down accurately. The vase is good, and the flowers would be nice to paint.  But why that old lamp? It’s not switched on, almost an afterthought? Maybe it was used at some stage.

Well I don’t know what else to say, we must all have random photos we don’t remember taking. Like old memories that suddenly spring to the surface. An old face remembered, or a phrase from a song, out of context now so that its meaning and history can only be grasped at.


Yellow bowl


This is a quick, half hour painting, of a yellow bowl I have. This is a little acrylic on canvas, from my memory. I’ve had this bowl for years. I just wanted to paint something simple after all the work I did on the previous painting. I may work on the shadows. I want to try and he the elipse of the bowl top right, but its after midnight now and I haven’t been very well so I think I will give myself a rest.

I’m glad I tried painting in these lovely primary colours. They pretty much are an accurate representation of the bowl.