A little jigsaw

One of my paintings has been turned into a little jigsaw by the gallery I have it in. I need to decide whether to order a few off them. I’d like to get some flat boxes to put them in so I can have a picture on the front of the box. Probably unrealistically expensive but I think it would look nicer in a box than just a plastic bag? I need to find out about sourcing something. Maybe a strong envelope?

Collaboration on Cezanne

Nine if us from the Orme art group collaborated to do this copy of a Cezanne still life. Each had a chosen oblong to copy. Mine was the sixth. With part of a peach and a glass.

Interesting how it turned out. I used permanent markers and a bit of watercolour paint. My colour pallette was limited by the colours of the felt pens. The other tricky thing was pattern matching, getting the fruit to line up and the colours to match. I think we did a good job. Wouldn’t mind doing another one. X

Jigsaw clock

Argh! My hubby got a clock as a Christmas present, for age 7 and above. It didn’t really have instructions and after half an hour of looking at it he asked me to help. I managed to put the major bits together ( it’s meant to slot together). But like a furniture kit, there are a lot if bits left over. I also think it needs glueing because a lot of it is a bit loose. It’s made of balsa wood and a few bits have snapped off! It has a little pendulum, but it’s only pretend.

It does have a real electric clock inside, with proper fingers etc, so if I can wangle it together we will have a useful clock. Tick tock……