I can’t sleep, so I don’t dream, on the hour every hour, I look at the alarm clock. Tick tock, tick tock. Put the radio on low sometimes. The murmur might send me to sleep, but then it wakes me up if there is serious news or something interesting. Having a cat move in doesn’t help. He wants to go out at odd times. Yowl, miaow, he wakes me up. So another night goes by…


A collection of watches, new and old. Broken straps, flat batteries. I’m thinking of using some of them in my college course. We have to create an artefact that will show our artistic practice. I can’t show you my ideas as it’s for the course only but I will discuss what I’m thinking about.

My idea is to re use old watches and clocks and repurpose them. A lot of the time (no pun intended), watches don’t have their batteries replaced or their wrist straps break, or they just go out of fashion. There must be old watches in drawers or cupboards all over the country.

My idea is to incorporate them into something else, so that they are useful again. It would mean trying to find watches that could be fixed or reconditioned and then fix them into the body of an object that can then be used a a decorative time piece.

British Summer Time


This time of year we change the time on our clocks by putting them forward an hour. This is known as British Summer time, or daylight saving time. It was introduced during the second World War when the idea was that farmers and workers would have an extra hour in the evening to do their work. The time changes back to Greenwich mean time in the autumn to bring us back in line with the normal time on the planet. The government did try and keep British Summer time for the whole year back in the early 1970’s because it was found there would be less road traffic accidents in the evenings when children were coming home from school, but there were complaints the sun didn’t rise in Scotland (which is in the far north of Britain) till around 10am.

As the northern spring starts there is a high pressure zone over us and air is being drawn down from the Arctic. So we are expecting cold weather in the next few days ( not that anyone is going out at the moment….).


Jigsaw clock

Argh! My hubby got a clock as a Christmas present, for age 7 and above. It didn’t really have instructions and after half an hour of looking at it he asked me to help. I managed to put the major bits together ( it’s meant to slot together). But like a furniture kit, there are a lot if bits left over. I also think it needs glueing because a lot of it is a bit loose. It’s made of balsa wood and a few bits have snapped off! It has a little pendulum, but it’s only pretend.

It does have a real electric clock inside, with proper fingers etc, so if I can wangle it together we will have a useful clock. Tick tock……

Clocks, going back tomorrow night.


I live in the UK and the clocks are due to go back at two am tomorrow night, that means :

Advantage… Extra hour in bed

Disadvantage….. The sun sets an hour earlier. The winter blues set in. I hate it when the sun sets before 5pm. It takes ages for it to set later than that in the winter. It’s so depressing. Why? Because the Earth is tipped by about 23? degrees. That means in the winter the sun rises further south east, curves in an arc further south than in summer and sets further south west. The hours it is visible in the sky are less. (in the summer around here the sun can set about 11pm and rise about 3am!).

Cold and dark, shivering, chilly. Even now you can feel the year dwindling.

And… WORDPRESS changes from one day to the next at midnight. Not 1am as it does in the summer. That means I have an hour less time in the evening to post before the clock ticks into the next day….