That’s all I want to do, relax and sleep. Resting and recuperating while I get over this cold. I want to go outside and do a bit of gardening but I am not up to it. I tried putting some tulips in a vase earlier and ended up tired out.

This Buddha figure is out in our garden, it will be surrounded in flowers in the summer, but looks a little subdued at this time of year.

I’ve got to plant up the hanging baskets we normally have. And I intend to have some honey suckle and clematis growing on the fence. This time of year its good to plan ahead …

Walk and relax.


Cold grey, January day.

Duck lake, not Swan,

And every one is an ugly


Muddy footprints,

Bike tracks too.

Mountain bikes rush past

Out of the blue.

Bare trees, bare branch.

Bare seat. Too cold to sit.

The wind is chill.

No time to stay still.

But walk a mile

Enjoy the view.

No longer frozen

Hands warm

Breath full



Quiet night in


Oh I needed a quiet night in after a long drive back from Wales this afternoon. I was so tired I fell asleep almost as soon as we got in, before I had even unpacked.

The cats were glad to see us, having been looked after by friends for the last few days.  They are not very demonstrative usually but they both came up for a love.

But quiet times did not last because we have a leak in the airing cupboard. We had thought it was fixed a few weeks ago, but the wall is damp again. (we came back off holiday 4 or 5 years ago and water was pouring out the overflow into the garden, this is not as bad).

I’m very disappointed because I thought it was fixed.. I won’t use swearwords or curses, but I’m flipping fed up with it. I think its a pump that is failing, its old and was leaky, maybe it needs replacing. If I had known we would come back to this I might not have gone away, I don’t know how much damage it has done but it will have to be sorted out.

After that I settled down to watch tv, but then I decided to cook an evening meal, which was difficult because my partner had eaten half of ingredients while I was asleep. Boo hiss! I had told him I was going to cook but he got there first. Plus he’s drunk all the milk in his coffee and the shops are shut….