What did I hear?

What did you say?

So many rumours fly this way..

What someone thought

What myth revealed?

What does this days news report ?

Breaking stories,

The fakes are out

Telling us all in loud shout.

The world is ending

Or soon will fall,

Is there nothing

To do at all?

Step back,

Breathe deeply

Take a break,

Switch off your phone,

Some news IS fake.

Instead you should

Go rest and sleep.

Maybe tomorrow

Sense will seep

Into your mind

Into your dreams

“Hope springs eternal”

It now seems.





I just had a gentle argument with a friend on Facebook. I’ve been watching the BBC news in the UK, and a lot of it is about the covid19 virus. There is a small amount of criticism about how our government is dealing with it.

Then there are clips of President Trump, seemingly saying that people should have the right of freedom of speech and they should not have to be in lockdown? He’s going to be speaking to the governor of New York about it? The scary thing is people need to keep away from each other so the virus can’t spread easily. Someone said they would rather be six feet apart than six feet under.

The news also said deaths in America are spiking, and that many thousands have died already.

But my friend, who I really like, supports Trump who is blaming the World Health organisation.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter who is to blame. It matters what Trump or any other politician is going to do about it.

In the end its not where you start, it’s where you end up that is the important thing. Life is difficult, but ignoring experts, and making things up as you go along is not sensible.




It’s not very good, it sort of rhymes but the fourth line is a bit weak and the fifth needs a better ending.

The challenge was to write something funny. But limericks are not that easy, for instance sometimes writers repeat the first line in the last one…

For instance “there was an old man from portmadoc” might end “that wise old man from portmadoc!”, which is a bit of a cheat really. Maybe my limerick is a bit  inappropriate, but I based it on the current situation. X

In other news..


Digital illustration of a comet. Didn’t want to use someone else’s copyright photo. This is just to give an impression of its colour….

I get alerts from Spaceweather.com about all sorts of astronomical events. I got this alert about a comet this morning. As we are in ‘interesting times’ I thought I would let you know.

Here is a short excerpt with the link:
COMET ATLAS IS BRIGHTENING FASTER THAN EXPECTED: Get ready for a wild ride. Comet ATLAS (C2019 Y4) is plunging toward the sun and, if it doesn’t fly apart first, it could become one of the brightest comets in years. Amateur astronomers are already getting fantastic images as the comet brightens even faster than expected. Visit Spaceweather.com for the full story.

I don’t think the link will work from here, but it’s an easy address to find.


It goes from bad to worse!

We were in quite a reasonable situation earlier today. Not to many restrictions here about the Corona virus. That was until a news conference with the Prime Minister.

Now anyone over 70, pregnant or with underlying health conditions should self isolate for 12, yes twelve weeks. They should not go shopping, go to bars, clubs, pubs or restaurants. People with a persistent dry cough or temperature above 37.8°C should self isolate for 14 days and stay in with their families. Schools are staying open for now, but that may change, and some parents are already keeping their children off school.

There is a shortage of hospital beds and ventilators and possibly a lack of oxygen. There will be many problems no doubt.

It feels like we are in a sci-fi horror film. Like an apocalyptic future that has just arrived. How will the elderly and vulnerable people cope? Obviously this will have an economic impact, but its better to save lives than lose them for lack of funding. People could be thrown into debt and destitution.

The overall illnesses and deaths are not high yet. But we are at the start of a new world. Who can say how many will be affected. And yet millions die of starvation and illness every year. Poverty is one of the biggest killers. The first world has been lucky until now. Perhaps we have lost some of that luck.