Red and black with white.

Some sketches from last year. Using various amounts of white along with red and black. I think I added white to make the images easier to see and read. The red is quite a dark tone and it’s hard to see against the black areas. I also think someone who is colour blind might be able to see the images with more white.

30 day challenge

I’m doing sketches for the #30daysketchbookchallenge now. This was for day two. I decided to do a watercolour sketch to represent one of the old adverts you had in victorian times for old grocery shops.

I used Windsor and Newton Watercolours overlaid with Arteza metallic watercolours to make it more interesting.


A proper cup of Tea.

Quick watercolour sketch of my brown Bessie tea pot and a mug of Tea. It started out as a graphite pencil sketch but you couldn’t really see it against the black paper so…. I filled in some of it, I made up some of it. I was going to leave some of it black but I used washes of dark blue and dark red to give it more oomph.

Art is fun, art let’s you free yourself, creativity can be good for you.

Pots and apples

Just a photo I took a few days ago. A still life. I’m still ill and haven’t been out much recently, so I am thinking about what I can write about. As the saying goes, autumn is the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. It would be good to get out and enjoy the world but I’m keeping my germs to myself. Its only a cold but its still irritating.

Stay safe everyone.




I did these a few months ago. The designs had to include red and black. I was going to send them off to a website but I forgot, got to involved in other things and lost track of time, so by the time I did remember it was too late. Adding more white to both images helped I think because you can see the images more clearly. I’ve always thought two cats would make a good yin yang symbol, and the teapot? Because we live in the heart of the potteries.


At Art Lunch, February.

Art lunches are happening once a month now. While I was there I drew a couple of visitors, my teacup and the tiny teapot that went with it, and also the view out of the kitchen of my friends house.

Art lunch is the opportunity for local artists and creative people to get together and talk about their art and network, or maybe just chat and relax.

Had a lovely time. X

So close…and now it’s finished!

After hours of work my willow pattern painting is finished.

I have finished working on it after having to have a rest .IMG_20180129_191216_656

I needed to add details in the reflection at the bottom of the painting , plus shading and highlights on the platter and behind it so it stands out more.

This is the third painting of ceramics I have done in this series.

this jug was the second acrylic on canvas I did.

and this is part way through the teapot painting, which was the first one I did. ..

Im not sure how many more I will paint.

Anyone for tea (pot)?

This is a current work in progress….


I’m working on a painting that might be a bit odd, but as I live in the Potteries its nice to do something that reflects that heritage.

The painting is a bit smaller than A2 in size, acrylic on canvas. Although I have looked at a couple of reference photos its mostly from my imagination. I decided on a dark background to make the teapot stand out more. I need to do more work on the background wood panelling and the pot. Bringing in more reflections and light.