Addicted to blogging!


I started blogging in January 2018. I’d never really written before. I’d done things in a little newsletter years ago and I’d tried to write a children’s book which I called the swimming dragon about a dragon wanting to get back to its family in South America. But I’ve never had that published and I spent hours over it. I even painted illustrations¬† But it never went anywhere because I was too nervous. It’s stuck on a floppy disc and on my old computer somewhere .

So I wasn’t expecting to get into this. It’s been a revelation to me. I know I’m only skimming the surface of blogging but I find myself more and more involved, to the detriment sometimes of painting which is what I intended this blog to be about.

I find myself enjoying writing short stories, sometimes with a little twist in the tale. Other times trying to write poems. I think about science and other subjects. I have stopped watching as much TV. I go out more so I can post photos of places. Most disturbing is that I no longer look at Facebook and Instagram as much.

Life is interesting, whether or not I shall continue at this pace I don’t know. But I’m enjoying things at the moment.

One Whole year here!


It doesn’t feel like a year! I’ve posted over 600 blog pages and over 10,000 views….. How did that happen?

I do varied posts, from art to poetry, small short stories and hopefully funny stories. I didn’t think I could write so much and such varied things.

I think it’s worth being on here and as long as I continue to enjoy it, and don’t get too foxed by things like blocks and the new Gutenberg editor, I will carry on blogging.