Flower mobile

Just a photo from my bedroom window including a flower mobile that hangs in it. ( I do like taking photos of random objects.) The cat sometimes reaches up and bat’s at it because of the noise it makes.

The camera was zoomed in so it affected the exposure and left light around the edges of the twigs and branches and the other dark areas on the photo. In this case there was no need to use filters on it as the phone added its own effects.

Green grows


Playing with pattern again, took a photo of the garden on manual exposure and the sky and blossom on the trees was very over exposed, but the darker areas were more defined.

I then did my usual thing of multiplying the image onto four, then turning each square so it lined up into a pattern.

I get a great enjoyment out of creating these semi abstract images. The final result is interesting because of how soe of the foliage seems to float in the centre of the picture.

Sunset (exposure)

Have you tried moving your camera when you take a photo of the sky? When the sun is rising or setting people generally take photos of the landscape in the direction of the setting sun. Much more dramatic than the other direction. But include too much sky and the light entering the camera can be too much causing over exposure. Include more land and less sky and the sunset colours emerge more clearly.

By including more land the cameras automatic exposure changes. The area in silhouette may even reveal more detail than if you aim more at the sky. Also remember, if you have a crop tool on your camera you can remove part of the landscape while leaving the sky.

The only difference in these two photos is that I moved between the first and the second and I included more land in the second one.

My moon


Yes it’s a blurry shot of the moon. But it’s the best I’ve taken with my phone. I don’t have a good zoom on it so it only magnifies x5. You know when you look at the moon you can see a small amount of detail, you can see the shape of the moon depending on what phase it is in. This was a bit more than a three¬† quarter moon. When I looked through a small pair of binoculars I could see craters and mare (areas of flat land that were thought to be seas in the past). But through my phone camera on automatic exposure it was just one brilliant blob. I didn’t know what to do. I tried the manual exposure option that reduced the brightness, but the exposure was still not revealing the shape. So I decided to play with the settings, I don’t know what I did, but I adjusted things and I managed to get the image above. I cropped the picture to enlarge it. This is the result. Boring? Yes possibly, but I was pleased.



I saw this in a cafe this morning and took a photo of it. More pink than red, in full bloom, beautiful. A classic rose shape, a whorl of petals and a swirl of colour. I like the way the petals fold back giving their edges a more angular look. The green leaf attached to it is pure green and adds a contrast in colour.

I wouldn’t say it was a brilliant photo, the background is over exposed, as is the rose slightly. It’s not fully in focus, but I like it anyway.