Day 29…


Day 29, #uskstoke challenge, 17.5.2020.

The prompt was to do a house portrait, so I drew the back yard with lots of pots and hanging baskets. I ran out of energy so it looks neater than it is, there is less foliage than there should be. I used a charcoal pencil to do this, it has a plastic cover around it so you can sharpen it.

I had to start a new sketchbook. And these challenges keep going till day 38! So there are a few more to tackle.

Green grows


Playing with pattern again, took a photo of the garden on manual exposure and the sky and blossom on the trees was very over exposed, but the darker areas were more defined.

I then did my usual thing of multiplying the image onto four, then turning each square so it lined up into a pattern.

I get a great enjoyment out of creating these semi abstract images. The final result is interesting because of how soe of the foliage seems to float in the centre of the picture.

Autumn flowers

And foliage. At Trentham Gardens, I love the colour combinations, yellows and purples, reds, oranges and greens. Really rusty beautiful sculptures are inserted into the borders to add to the joyous jumble. Giant bees jostle metal flowers, knopthalia (red hot poker plants) and crimson and variegated Coleus add their foliage flames to the fire. Makes you feel warm on a dreary day.