I’m still trying to keep my gratitudes diary going. I’m on day 205. The idea is you look for three small things to be grateful for. Then you write them down and it turns your thoughts to a more positive way of thinking. I’ve found it hasn’t solved my anxiety or feeling down, but I definitely think it’s helped my mood. I might be in pain, but it helps me take my mind off it.

Today’s three gratitudes? Going out for a little walk in open sandals for the first time since splitting my toenail. I went with my hubby so I felt safe. Secondly, listening to ‘the infinite monkey cage’ on BBC radio 4, thirdly having a pan au raisin and a cup of tea after shopping….

2 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. Gratitude is awesome. I agree that it won’t solve problems, but it does help you change your default thinking patterns. Instead of going straight to negativity, you can start to see the bright side of things. Anyway, thanks for sharing your gratitude and putting good vibes into the universe!

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