Saggy and baggy


No one tells you as you lose weight how saggy and baggy you can get, the weight goes but your skin doesn’t shrink overnight. I have lost a lot over the last three years and now I feel like a half empty balloon! I’m flabby and I need to shrink!

I get into my clothes and everything seems to distribute evenly, but there are bulges I don’t like. Maybe I should get a corset? That’s what my mum and grandmother wore. Does anyone remember liberty bodices? I had to wear one when I was young. Thicker than a vest with clips for stockings, I think it was to get girls used to corsets. Luckily I grew out of it and got vests instead.

I know why I’m not ‘ toned,’ because my job was too sedentary, and being an artist I still do a lot of sitting down. I need more exercise.




I was thinking today that we are odd things. A mammal walking around with a lump of pinkish grey matter a bit like blancmange in our heads. Not just us, but all mammals and most animals are the same.

A pink lump with nerves running to and from it, directing movement, thought, feelings, sensations, memories, dreams, everything…

In the past the heart was thought to be the central control of the body, if the heart stopped the body died. Then science discovered the brain. All its strange quirks. Doctors recognised physical and mental diseases. The brain is a marvel, a wonder. Think about it. Geniuses like Leonardo or Einstein had slightly better brains, which affected the world…