Saggy and baggy


No one tells you as you lose weight how saggy and baggy you can get, the weight goes but your skin doesn’t shrink overnight. I have lost a lot over the last three years and now I feel like a half empty balloon! I’m flabby and I need to shrink!

I get into my clothes and everything seems to distribute evenly, but there are bulges I don’t like. Maybe I should get a corset? That’s what my mum and grandmother wore. Does anyone remember liberty bodices? I had to wear one when I was young. Thicker than a vest with clips for stockings, I think it was to get girls used to corsets. Luckily I grew out of it and got vests instead.

I know why I’m not ‘ toned,’ because my job was too sedentary, and being an artist I still do a lot of sitting down. I need more exercise.


2 thoughts on “Saggy and baggy

  1. I know the feeling! Although rather than think of myself as “saggy and baggy” I prefer to think of myself as “soft and comfortable”, like a favourite sofa!


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