Have you ever broken a bone?

I’ve broken a few bones in my life. Luckily they mended.

I don’t know if I should give personal information out about my health, and yet I have shared before. So I will talk about something that happened more than thirty years ago.

I will talk about one injury which was very painful. I slipped on the top stair of a friends house and bumped down every single step on my bottom. Instead of sympathy all my friends just laughed! I realised I had hurt myself, so went to the accident unit at the hospital., in those days you could get checked over much more quickly.

After about four hours of standing up (I couldn’t sit) the doctor diagnosed a fractured coccyx (your tail bone). He said he wouldn’t xray the area, but that it would take six to eight weeks to get better. In the meantime I needed padding to support my weight, so I bought a blow up swimming ring. It was very strange going to work and sitting on a blue ring covered in goldfish. I got some smart and silly remarks from colleagues. But eventually I was OK…


Nasturtiums sprawling in the back yard. They are in our front hedge too. There are flowers six foot up in the air. You can tell its nasturtiums because of the shape of their leaves, sort of like umbrellas. The leaves, as you can see, are sometimes variegated. The colours vary from pale cream to deep red. I’ve never seen a blue or purple one? Maybe they will do some genetic modification to change that? At the end of summer they are something cheerful to look at.

Autumn is on its way

A leaf on our floor has come in to visit today. I put the photo through photodirector to give more texture to it.

Some of our trees are starting to lose their leaves already. I think the lack of water over the last few months has had an effect. Autumn seems to come later each year, with warmer weather the leaves usually stay on longer. It may start now, but trees hold onto their leaves until well into November. But is this leaf a precursor to an earlier fall?

Tired wizard

Hubby is ill. Coughing and tired with this cold. He came downstairs for tea and then went to stand up and fainted! He’s OK but he’s hurt his knee by landing on an oil heater. He wouldn’t let me call an ambulance and he’s gone back upstairs with a walking stick. He’s like a tired old wizard, not happy, but not in the mood for TLC. Don’t know what to do. I’ll take him a drink and a sandwich in a bit. All I can do is help if I can.

Lucky escape

I just tripped up over a paving slab, I hit my knees hands and head on the way down.

I scratched the lens of my glasses but can still see out of them. My hubby and some passers by very kindly helped me. I think I got away with very little harm considering it was a heavy fall and my head hit the top of a step. I’m more shocked than anything else and the palm of my hand is bruised…. But nothing broken and no bad bleeding x just shaken.