Hartshill Nature reserve

Although the nature reserve is on a steep slope, there is still a pool on it. The end with the bridge over it might be a dam. I don’t know the history of the place but there are steep steps down into it and in some areas what paths there are, are quite slippy.

I had to lean on my friends arm to get down one section, not socially distanced but I was wearing a mask.

Today was sunny with very warm temperatures, the warmest March day since 1968. Red admiral butterflies were flitting about in pairs and triplets. The bird song was loud and liquid. Buds were bursting and insects humming.

I did another five miles today, that seems to be my upper limit for walking at the moment. Tomorrows planned walk is about the same length!

Nature reserve walk

I’ve never been to this nature reserve, and yet it’s only about a mile away behind the local University. My friend showed it me today. It takes in some hills, a lake and the River Trent. We walked quickly so I feel really tired out. Its somewhere to visit as the spring progresses. We might even have a picnic. X

Views include the river Trent, near Leek Road, Stoke-on-Trent,