Tree feet?

A rim of moss a foot up the trunk of the tree from its roots. Must be where the rain splashes up. But to me it looked like feet or hands reaching down into the soil. If the roots grasped the soil would squidge up like mud. Spurting up because of the force and strength of the tree. What would happen if trees had muscles. If a simple ivy can twist and squeeze a stem perhaps a tree could tighten round a car or a building. Seeds get into cracks and grow and break stone. Time allows them to do this. The growth is slow. But it can change the landscape.

Westport mist

Sunset over Westport Lake. We drove there through a cold fog and emerged into a thin mist hanging over the lake. The wildfowl came towards us wanting food but we had gone there on the spur of the moment so had no food. The visitor centre had just closed so we couldn’t get a warm drink. Westport Lake now has parking machines so we had to pay for the privilege of going for a walk. We took a short flat walk around the lake its not far, but far enough for me at the moment. I got left behind a few times but I managed to get round. It’s a start to the new year.

Automated tills


Unexpected item in the bagging area…

I’ve been thinking about using automated tills. I decided if there are cashiers at checkouts I queue. If there are none and you can only use an automated one I just take my time. It is after all my time that I am using. If it takes ten minutes to scan three things that’s how long it takes. I used to try and do it quickly but now, I don’t see why I should. For instance I can take a minute finding the bar code, and another bit of time picking up my groceries after I have scanned everything.