Hot chilli

Oops, just made the mistake of adding too much chilli to our tea. My mouth has that bitter burning sensation that makes you want to drink something long and cold (possibly a pint of milk). I only intended to add a little flavour, and I deseeded the chilli (I only ever use one), perhaps it was very ripe. It certainly was a flavour enhancer with added oregano and garlic. I think my stomach is regretting my spice choices. Oh dear!

No sleep!

It was four o’clock before I lay down to sleep, but I couldn’t. I woke at six and put the radio on quietly, but got interested in the news. My legs and feet ache for some reason and my stomach is not right either. So I watched a few videos on m phone, big mistake. I promised to see someone at 11am today so I will try again, three hours would be better than none. My new trick of thinking of the word ‘the’ didn’t help this time, I think I need a painkiller but we don’t have anything in. Darn it.


Dragon saucer painting

I’m trying to find a gentle way of explaining how I am feeling today. My stomach is growling like a dragon in a bowl!

I don’t know what caused it, but I did put some slightly ‘off’ milk on my porridge a couple of days ago because I thought it tasted OK. One of the problems of losing my sense of smell several years ago means my taste perception is not very good. For instance I can’t smell burnt toast. And I wish I could smell the scent of night scented stock. Its so long since I really smelt flowers properly….

Anyway, I’m babbling on, ignore me! Stomach cramps make me feel fed up (pun intended). Hope the dragon calms down soon, I think I will have a nap.