Three years

Three years of WordPress, and the last three days have been the worst.

Trying to navigate round it’s new appearance on my phone. I can’t stop it posting to Facebook all the time. I’ve chosen the classic option, but I’m still trying to work my way through it.

I can’t do as many posts as I was doing and it’s hard to think of what to write when your mind is on finding your way through. Each time I try different options but come back to the same place. Grr!

Two thousand October photos

Oh no! I decided to optimise my photos and save some space on my phone because it’s getting full and it would reduce each image by about ninety percent.

Great, plus they will take up less space here…

He problem now is that they are all out of order and the majority of them appear to have been taken on 9 October 2020!

Oh no! Trying to search for one particular photo is now a pain! At least before I could choose a month to go to…..

Might have to delete old photos…. But I like them…

Had to buy ANOTHER keyboard!


Oh well, I guess it was the storm, but my second keyboard I bought a few weeks ago has died. The computer shop said take it in and they will test it. In the meantime I’ve bought a slightly better, more comfortable one. Cost twice as much but hey.

Then I had a message that drivers were out of date, so now I’m updating them. I don’t know if I’ve got the will to tye anything today (coursework that is)….

I’m hoping it will be OK soon. Just got a message from Microsoft trying to sell me premium services… Nah…

Hand in the cookie jar

DSC_2409grr. Grr!

Annoyed. We had a box of shortbread biscuits for Christmas, we have had a few. My hubby more than me. The box is on top of the fridge. So I went into the kitchen to make us coffee and get the last few biscuits. Guess what? The box was there, but empty. I’m annoyed.

At least throw the box away once it’s empty. Don’t leave it there to tempt me. He does the same with tubs of butter, bananas (yes he left an empty skin on the fruit bowl!), or he finishes strawberries off and doesn’t throw away the punnet. He finishes bottles of milk without leaving some for my coffee.