Argh! I started putting eyelets on the back of my paintings and the paint started to flake off! I don’t know why, but I think because it’s a different type of canvas. So I repainted the patches where it came off. Then I had the ‘brilliant’ idea to varnish it.

First get the top off the varnish bottle. It’s one of those push down and twist types. That took half an hour. Then paint it on. But one of my hairs fell on it! I tried to lift off the hair and the paint flaked again. So, a few more dabs of paint mixed in with the varnish. It was due in today. It might not get there! And I’m left with gummy hands.


I’m in another group of artists who come u with challenges to post to every week. The pictures don’t have to be recent (thankfully). This was for #safari, I painted it about four years ago and it went to the local ‘Lions’ club which is a local charity. What else can I say? It’s acrylic on canvas, about A4 size. I don’t paint every single hair or piece of fur, but I try and get an impression of how the animal looks. I generally do cat and dog portraits but am not too bad at most animals x


I need a haircut! It’s been two years since my last one and my hair is all split ends and straggly. It means that I shall have to have about four inches cut off because I like the length. Its taken me decades to get it this long! Plus I need a fringe cutting back in. These days I look like a dandelion. Very fluffy like an old English shepherd dog when it’s washed. I’m not showing my face, and I’ve added texture to my hair, it’s never been sleek and shiny, but as I get older it had got more like hay!

Experiment, atomic

I experimented with a sunset sky and added texture to it. Then I added some flood fill colours on a low tolerance so they didn’t spread far. Finally I used a sketching app to add the face and hair. I called it atomic because it reminds me of cloud chamber patterns, the patterns of electrons and Cosmic rays make as they pass through cold wet air.

Lockdown hair

´┐╝Oh why can’t I cut your hair? It is curly and long, unruly and greying. It brushes your shoulders, grows out of your ears and nose. Could be used by birds for nesting material or as a pan scourer.

I could sneak up on you with some scissors whilst you sleep and might get half your head done. But then I would have to nudge you to turn over and risk waking you up. So you would have to remain half shorn till the next night.

Then each day you look more like Einstein, but you are a proper professorial person. Pottering round the potteries. Perambulating pointedly with your apparent perm… Oops got a bit carried away!

So like Sampson you hair stays uncut… Till later IMG_20200420_124939_228tonight…