Snow drawing

Digital drawing of a snowflake

Did you ever make paper snowflakes? Fold a piece of paper in two then fold it twice more so you end up with six pieces. Leave it folded and cut through the resultant triangle to cut off the excess paper sticking out so that each shape is the same (it’s so hard to describe!). From there cut out random shapes into each of the long sides, and a random pattern in the short side. When you unfold the paper you will end up with a snowflake (six sided). You can do other things. If you just fold it in half it could be a snowman or a butterfly if you colour in the paper first. If you quarter it you can make flower shapes. It’s fun to experiment and it’s something I used to do as a child. The snowflakes were stuck on our windows as decorations.


Ow! I was getting some paintings out of the car boot today and I pulled the door down and hit my nose. It really hurt so I rubbed it as you do and everything seemed OK. I hadn’t hit the bridge of my nose. So nothing broken. I went into Spode and priced up my work. Hubby didn’t tell me I had a cut on my nose. I spoke to several people, no mention! Either I looked so rough that they didn’t want to say anything, or it didn’t look that bad, or they were just very polite. Anyway, I only noticed it because it’s started to hurt and it felt rough under my finger, so yes, ouch!


I need a haircut! It’s been two years since my last one and my hair is all split ends and straggly. It means that I shall have to have about four inches cut off because I like the length. Its taken me decades to get it this long! Plus I need a fringe cutting back in. These days I look like a dandelion. Very fluffy like an old English shepherd dog when it’s washed. I’m not showing my face, and I’ve added texture to my hair, it’s never been sleek and shiny, but as I get older it had got more like hay!