Snow drawing

Digital drawing of a snowflake

Did you ever make paper snowflakes? Fold a piece of paper in two then fold it twice more so you end up with six pieces. Leave it folded and cut through the resultant triangle to cut off the excess paper sticking out so that each shape is the same (it’s so hard to describe!). From there cut out random shapes into each of the long sides, and a random pattern in the short side. When you unfold the paper you will end up with a snowflake (six sided). You can do other things. If you just fold it in half it could be a snowman or a butterfly if you colour in the paper first. If you quarter it you can make flower shapes. It’s fun to experiment and it’s something I used to do as a child. The snowflakes were stuck on our windows as decorations.

Printing…. Simply

I have been enjoying some print workshops at college.

We were shown how to create a printing surface by gluing tin foil to a board.

Then you paint it with black acrylic paint or ink.

Use impliments / household objects to make marks on the surface (sponge, pegs, coins, nails, comb etc). Each time you make marks place a sheet of paper on top and rub over with a bunched up pair of socks (stops you ripping the damp paper)

When your prints have dried you can cut them up and collage them. We did self portraits.

Cheap, fun and messy!


I did this a couple of years ago. A collage of the view outside the art group meeting hall. I did a small sketch and then drew out the tree on the back of wrapping paper. I built up layers of paper and glued them one on top of the other, starting with the background trees in a pale purple and two individual trees on top of that. I then did the chain link fence out of silver holographic paper. Finally I cut the tree out of a darker patterned Christmas paper. The blue peices of paper on either side are meant to represent curtains.

I think making things like collage is quite creative. My example is very simple but you can go into much more detail. All you need is a pencil, paper and a pair of scissors. Maybe something to do on a wet weekend?