Universe versions

Using a photo editor to create texture on today’s #bandofsketchers prompt universe. The texture/style tool in photodirector helps give an overall effect to a drawing, opening up the lines and giving a uniformity to this image. The image was a creative attempt at depicting a past and future universe.


Take a photo of a crinkly motorbike cover, shade areas to make a face appear. Use the spray brush tool and a colour picker tool in a drawing app to match in shapes and colours. Add shapes using various pens like chalk or wax crayon options if you have them in your app. Then change the filter to a more black and white/ sepia effect. Finally use a filter to make some areas more fuzzy than others.

Voila you have a spooky, ghostly figure.

Using a new app.

The original sketch, with a bit of colour added, I did cat like eyes, added some gold glitter.

Then I used an app a friend recommended called photo director.

I was able to clone a section of the drawing and add a layer of old paint. I think I’m going to like using the app. It’s a bit hit and miss at the moment, but I’m learning all the time…