I’m hoping to get some cards made from my pottery paintings. I need to start selling things, but it’s a balance between what I can afford and what I can sell. The cost of living is making life difficult for everyone. This painting is loosely based on a Burleigh ware design although it’s not an actual copy. It’s totally imagined so I had to decide on where the shadows would fall. The background is meant to look like wooden panels reflected in a desk or table. The minds eye is an interesting concept. I actually can imagine how things look, and by talking my way through things I can generally get a good idea of what I’m doing.

Card design…

I’m playing with the filters on my new tablet and want to know what people think about using them to produce images for cards? They make things look more graphic, but perhaps they are overwhelming

Q. Yes or No.?

My only problem? Wrote this on my tablet but couldn’t see a way of adding categories and tags, so I’ve had to complete this on my phone.