Not over yet

Slowly, quietly, Covid numbers are starting to rise again. Last week in the UK one in seventy people were being infected with Covid, including new Omicron variants. This week its gone up to one in sixty five. Life seems to just go on. No one seems very concerned anymore. I keep wearing masks. I can’t see any point in stopping. I need to buy some more lateral flow tests. The government stopped giving them out for free a few months ago. It’s got to end one day, but when? Who knows.

18 thoughts on “Not over yet

  1. It will end when people realise it is the ‘flu turned into a monster by persistent advertising by big pharma, big government etc.

    If numbers rise this could be anything, the vaccines (which are neuro-toxic if anything at all, I have checked), or perhaps government just testing more. Or making it up to scare the gullible who don’t bother to double check.

    kind regards


      1. Thank you for your reply, but have you checked the ingredients that are said to be in them?

        I am glad you remain well. If they do not give you side effects perhaps you look after yourself properly and eat well and boost your vitamin D if you need to.

        If you get out into the sunshine then you can get vitamin D free if you do the right things.

        We cannot tell what may be in each vial and it could be saline for all we know. Sadly, big pharma will sell nothing for something.

        And it is not in its interest to make people better as this would not suit their business model. They have a long case history of harm and sometimes death and have been sued for the same.

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      2. I tend to read magazines like New Scientist that seem independent and not biased. I think there are too many conspiracy theories out there (like one saying global warming isn’t happening). I think it’s important to analyse arguments, but I don’t have the deep scientific knowledge to be completely aware of everything.

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      3. Thank you. Re global warming I don’t think that people are saying it isn’t happening merely that carbon isn’t the issue from humans. Plants need carbon to grow and use carbon dioxide.

        I say the issue is much more about pollution of the environment with all sorts of nasties including plastics, diesel fumes and air traffic.

        And cutting down trees, building on flood plains. There is a rash of building on the south coast, building on decent agricultural land. I call it barmy.

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  2. True, but I clearly said that issue includes cutting down trees (for example). In the rush to use bio mass, they are slaughtering the trees around us. The National Trust is one of the culprits. They used heavy machinery to mangle the woodlands close by us and elsewhere. They will recover, but it takes time.

    But plastering the countryside with houses destroys the plants and increases water run-off. The foolish carbon dioxide issue is a red herring to distract from the real issues, some of which I have described.

    Many of these developments will rely on people having cars. cars pollute. Producing electric cars using what exactly? Plastics? These are pollutants.

    My wife and I walk or cycle as much as we can, but we do have two cars, as we both needed them for access to work (I was a building surveyor and travelled quite a bit.

    I would rather not own a car, but very difficult to do without one entirely. I did not own one until i got married at the age of 33. I could use the firm’s car if I ever need it which was very rare.

    Anyway, consume less is quite right. I struggle to throw anything away as it might be useful. Sometimes it is! I don’t mine second hand as long as it is decent quality. Often it is better than the trash produced nowadays.

    These are the pressing issues, but not humans producing carbon dioxide. It is as I say the pollution, heavy metals, toxins etc. arising from our activities which is not necessary.

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    1. Do you think its strange that carbon Dioxide is going up in line with rising temperatures then? With the hottest temperatures over the last few years? Have a look at the graphs on the Internet.
      We have a twenty year old car. I only use it for trips of over five miles (infrequently) during the pandemic I only filled it up six times. We used to cycle until I got knocked off. We could do forty miles in about three hours. I rarely buy anything except for food and art materials. Less consumption is best.

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      1. No I don’t think it strange, but there are sun cycles and other issues that cause warming. They have been terrifying people with siren calls of increased flooding for decades. I referred to this in my reports back in the late 1980’s.

        But these prophets of doom were ignoring other issues, they weren’t taking a holistic view.

        Air traffic is a big issue. It screens the atmosphere creating a greenhouse effect, but it is more the vapour trails of moisture as much as anything and it is clouds that can increase heat as they prevent heat escaping back to space.

        We get more radiation of course but interestingly in truly clear skies we will burn less from sun burn. I experienced this in 2020.

        Part of it is down to vitamin D levels as D (for defence) protects and heals us from burning. In clear skies the UVB is not reflected back so it flattens the UVA.

        If you are at all interested I explain this here.


      2. I know the solar cycle is every eleven years between solar minima and solar maxima. We are in the beginnings of a new solar cycle at the moment.
        If condensation trails are so bad at keeping heat in isn’t the same caused by clouds? And as air traffic has reduced considerably because of Covid, why hasn’t that impacted on the heating effect. A lot of heat has been absorbed by the oceans, this is having a detrimental effect on coral reefs and other marine life.
        I don’t mean to be argumentative, I think I was born a sceptic!
        I’m not well at the moment, so excuse me x

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      3. I am sorry to hear you are not well. I do hope you are able to get what you need.

        I am struggling myself as I have a facial palsy due to sodium nitrite in bacon which converts to nitro-samines which are far more neuro-toxic. I have had the palsy for nearly 4 years now.

        It the toxic effects of the sodium nitrite etc have caused a chronic tiredness. Added to this is the mis-diagnosis by the NHS which called it cancer and gave me immuno-therapy which I now believe has merely added to my issues.

        I am attempting a fast this weekend, but still drinking plenty a few nuts and fruit to help burn off any accumulated fat where toxins usually go I understand.

        I am not over weight, but have some weight/fat which is not necessary.

        It is very good to be a skeptic. Question everything, I like questions, you get at the truth when you ask and enquire and listen carefully.

        It is very helpful that we discuss these matters. So many people accept everything the MSM spew out without critical thinking.

        It might be useful to you to know that I am also trying to detoxify using vitamin D and C. We can boost these much higher than the MSM will say. I have a good source if you are stuck, but I am using 2,000 mu capsules, at the moment daily, although the sunshine can give you much more if you do the right things.

        I am also taking quercetin with vitamin C. Quercetin is based around what’s in apples I understand. As the saying went “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”!

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      4. I was taking vitamin D for years, until I found out I’d got hypercalcemia, too much calcium because the tablets had added calcium. I also question excessive vitamins, especially Vit A which can cause osteoporosis. Vitamins are great, but I try to eat the right things with them in them, how much money does the ‘health and nutrition’ industry make out of people?
        Feeling a little better after a good sleep. Thanks. Might nap again.

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      5. You are quite right. You should make sure if you take D supplements that you have them with K-2 or at least make sure you have sufficient K-2 from food.

        To be honest, if our food was really up to scratch nutrition wise supplements would not be truly necessary. But I think big pharma make far more money and cause harm to boot. It is in the name p-harm-a!

        My wife and I are growing what we can. The sunshine is free and in the UK we can struggle to get enough, D is really the only supplement we might need and children used to be given cod liver oil I understand.

        Glad you slept a little better. I do struggle myself, and have done so for some time now, part of the chronic tiredness I suffer from at the moment.

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      6. I suffer from insomnia. A friend suggested I say the word ‘the’ to myself at night because it has no connotations. I find if I think it every few seconds it breaks up any invasive chains of thought. Since I started three weeks ago it has really helped me sleep. X

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