Cats, I love them

I am a cat person, I love them, they are graceful, independent, also beautiful. They can be extremely sweet but also very sneaky. They will get their own way if they can. They will sit and stare at you, waiting for you to relent. Waiting to be petted or fed. They can pin you down by sitting on you or your bed, so you dare not move! Sometimes they can be trained, mine come when I whistle, which is good because I think the sound of a whistle goes further than a voice can. I’ve had cats all of my adult life, or should I say, they’ve owned me!

Tabby or tiger?

In a display case, trapped like a tiger in a cage. Black and brown tabby sculpture. Little legs, massive tail. Iove this piece of cat sculpture at Salts Mill in Saltaire, Yorkshire. I think the technique is scraffito? Where you have a thin layer of slip pover a different colour. When it’s dry you can carve through it to reveal the underlying colour. A purrfect decoration for this wild tabby!


Just to show what I can do when I’m trying to paint realistically. This took about 4 hours. I saw a photo of it on an envelope. I’m taking it to the two craft fairs so I can try and get a commission or two.

Size about 6 inches square.

I’m going to charge a reasonable price. I usually undercharge but I will never get anywhere if I don’t try and ask for a decent amount ( not hundreds). I’m trying to make a small living at this so I have to be fair and friendly. But I cannot keep giving things away which I have done in the past …