Four horses

I am feeling a bit uncreative so I decided to collage my horse drawing from a few days ago. If you can create digitally it allows you the freedom to make something new.

Recently a photographer entered a competition with a piece called something like ‘the electrician’? It was a black and white photo of two women, one behind the other, one had hands on the others shoulders. The photo looked old fashioned and a little bit weird. The photographer refused the prize because the image had been created by an AI, the faces were not real people but had been built up from features by the AI a bit like an identikit photo. It’s called machine learning.

On a similar vein an image of ex president Trump appeared recently apparently marching at the head of a massive crowd of people in New York but if you zoom in the people behind are ‘constructed’ by an AI and their faces are very distorted.

What I’m trying to say is that digital art created by humans is not the same as AI. The difference is hard to pin down. But if a person has control of it does that count as art. I’m sure there is much controversy to come? In the meantime I will continue to digitally draw and manipulate with human control.

Variations on a Cross

An Easter symbol, digitally manipulated. Today is Christian Good Friday when Jesus was crucified. I thought I would try creating something that looked slightly baroque but combined with a simple brown cross shape. I added light on the final panel. I’m not religious, but at this time of year the symbology and ideas of peace and love stick with me. I hope this is OK and does not cause offence.

Doodling digitally

When you get new apps you have to learn how to use them. There are similarities and differences. You try one app and then transport an image into another app and try and alter it by using different filters and pens and markers. Each of these started with the bottom left sketch and then I took a screenshot of it ( I had to find out how on this new phone), then added more on top. It’s not going to be my favourite method of altering images, but I’m learning. I have found recently that drawing tools seem to be limited. Instead you get backgrounds and filters to alter faces and landscapes but using photoshop like tools, not paintbrushes or pens. I know I can do more if I had the tools. Perhaps I will find something more satisfying soon.


Spectrum on a silver/purple cushion and a pink blanket. Digitally manipulated to add symmetry and then twist and move the plain of the picture. I’d like to draw over this to try and create a butterfly shape, but I need to learn a bit more about the new app I am using. I love the rainbow colours cast by a glass crystal in a mobile I have hanging in my window. The different cloths moderate the colours and one is more sparkly than the other in the original photo. (Not shown here).

Rose doodle

Gold felt pen doodle coloured in with more pens then filtered through photodirector. Made up of dashes, squiggles and dots. I do like playing with images. I tend to use the same filters quite frequently. I may try variations on a theme. I added the thorns afterwards. I decided to leave a white background rather than adding another colour to it. Felt pen sketch.

Seven years

Seven years ago I created this. I can’t remember exactly how. But it just popped up on my Facebook memories. It’s definitely my style, pattern and colours. I do love the idea of creating something like this, completely abstract using some elements from nature. I don’t know if there are enough pixels to make it work as a print. I’m not sure how many dpi it is.

Two cats

Cats sleeping, keeping warm. Sitting by the heater. One has pride of place, the other is trying to sneak closer. They are closer to each other than they used to be, they sniff noses and work out a friendly way of living together. Sometimes though they move from the heaters because they overheat I think, then they move even go and sit by the back door. They both watch the world through the catflap, a bit too cold to actually go outside. The smallest cat usually relaxes upstairs either on our bed or in a little cat bed in the other room. I wish she would be a bit more confident around the boy cats, but she has always been the nervous one.