Another Sketchfu drawing

This was a favourite drawing I did at Sketchfu, I can’t remember if it was a challenge drawing or just something I decided to copy because I liked it so much. I enkoyed trying to show the sunlight penetrating down through the water and catching the Orcas back. Its a bit sketchy but not too bad.

Water changes the colours you see, and the deeper you go, the more towards the blue end of the spectrum the colours become. Reds and yellows fade away as you go deeper, until the blackness in the depths of the water absorbs all light. It is at those depths that you start seeing the dim glows of Angler fish. I actually think it would be fascinating to go down in a submercible and to see some of the otherworldly wonders, but I dont think I ever will. But I can use my imagination…



One of the animals I regret never having seen are Whales. I know they are endangered but I hope as life resumes that they will be left alone. I have the same feeling about Tigers and Elephants. But there are many creatures that most people have never seen that also are endangered. It doesn’t matter whether its the smallest or largest animal, each have their place in the Web of nature.

As lockdown is reduced, humans are going out and dumping fast food rubbish from their cars. Do they even care? It makes me really angry that eople have no consideration for the environment.

Anyway, rant over. Stay safe.


More animals


You don’t have to take drawing seriously, you can experiment and learn new techniques as you go!

The thing I try and do is to draw something every day. They reckon that you need to do  10,000 hours at anything to become an expert, something like that anyway. At my age I must be well passed that…..

These are more digital drawings, probably done around 2012. They popped up on my Facebook feed as a memory.  It’s interesting to look back and see what you were doing years ago. It is like looking at old sketchbooks.

I want to do some more work like this, but it is finding time to do it that is the problem.

Anyway goodnight all!