Cats sleeping

The cats asleep on the mat. No space to walk past them and I want to get in the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. Meanwhile the wind is whistling round the windows and the cat flap is rattling in the wind.

Black and white cats

On a black and white mat.

Full of purrs

These soft furs

Curled up warm

In the storm.

4 thoughts on “Cats sleeping

  1. This got My attention
    The article is a short poem about cats sleeping on a mat while the wind whistles and the cat flap rattles in the background. The author describes the cats as black and white, and the mat they are sleeping on is also black and white. The author notes that the cats are purring and their soft fur keeps them warm in the storm. The poem paints a peaceful and cozy picture of the cats, despite the chaos of the storm outside. The article is a lighthearted and creative way of describing a common situation many pet owners can relate to, with the added element of a storm to create a sense of atmosphere. The poem may appeal to cat lovers or anyone seeking a brief moment of relaxation and escapism through reading.
    Thanks – TheDogGod –

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