Not slept so drew

Scales again, I was playing with combinations of colour and black and white. I’m building a large collection of them. Maybe this is enough? Next step is to hang them on my character. Discussing the idea with others I might do a dragon that changes throughout the book. Not because I can’t draw it from different angles, but because it might need to change depending on its circumstances….. Hmmm, I keep seeing new directions!



Green and red can really zing. It depends on the brightness and hue of the colours, here I used the sketcher app on my tablet to create a simple image of a dancer. You don’t have to be exact or realistic to create art….. Just have fun. Something will make you happy or sad, will surprise you. Art us learning, sometimes every day or month. You do art and it can move you. It grabs you and wants you to make more. It is a buzz….