Thunderbolts and lightning!

What is your favorite type of weather?

No thunderstorms in my sketch, just heavy rain. I have memories of several β›ˆ thunderstorms though.

Years ago I dreamt of meeting some friends in a thunderstorm, a few days later we cycled over to visit our friends. We suddenly saw them coming towards us, we met up, pleased that we had got together. Then it started raining.. Hard! We ended up sheltering under a bus shelter while it thundered and lightning struck all around us.

Another incident was visiting a friend and a storm started a couple of miles away. We sat and watched it move across the sky while drinking red wine. As it passed over a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky.

Finally during a particularly vicious night time storm I stood on our back doorstep trying to catch an image of lightning on my camera phone. I did, but I can’t find it on my phone to show you so I’ve posted this drawing instead. X

42 thoughts on “Thunderbolts and lightning!

  1. I love thunderstorms. In spite of their intensity, I find them so relaxing, and I sleep so well when it’s raining – the harder the better!

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