Swiss chard


When I posted about my friends garden I forgot to add this photo. Its my favourite picture, the red and green really zings.

I imagine it was very tasty, although I’ve never actually had any.

It just speaks of sunshine and good health. It’s amazing how coloured leaves can be just as intense as flowers. I’ve cropped the edges to accentuate the colours.



Green and red can really zing. It depends on the brightness and hue of the colours, here I used the sketcher app on my tablet to create a simple image of a dancer. You don’t have to be exact or realistic to create art….. Just have fun. Something will make you happy or sad, will surprise you. Art us learning, sometimes every day or month. You do art and it can move you. It grabs you and wants you to make more. It is a buzz….

Drawing digitally.


I haven’t done much digital drawing lately. This was done in the free ArtRage app. I was just messing around with complementary colours, in this case red and green. I might lay around with hues and tones in a later iteration of this. It’s only a finger painting really, using metallic and non metallic digital paints.

I should try and copy a photo or use the other ArtRage app I have which is the pro version. I also could play with photoshop. I will think about it when things quieten down a bit.