Old songs

I keep hearing old songs on modern adverts on TV. I guess because some old songs are going out of copyright. Imagine an electric car being sold with Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra singing in the background. Or is it because musicians are selling off their play lists so advertisers can use them. I’m sure I’ve heard a few David Bowie songs on ads recently? It’s a funny old world, and songs that were written and recorded before most people were born are out there now….

I hate ad breaks!

Every five minutes it feels like, you are just following the action in a film or TV show and suddenly… Bang, its off and another set of adverts! And it feels like the frequency increases the closer you get to the end of the programme.

I try and avoid TV channels with lots of advertising, but some are worse than others. You will be watching a scene where the action is reaching a climax, someone has just been killed, there’s been an explosion, the detective is about to reach a conclusion…. Then off and into ads about credit scores, electrical equipment, charity draws or new sofas, and each break has a similar selection of ads. Some channels with old fashioned films are crammed with adverts about mobility scooters, train excursions or stair lifts! They are clearly selected for age demographics. Stop It!

Contact me


I just had an email through my contact me section of this blog. Promising thousands of engagements and interest for a small monthly fee.

The answer is, no thank you. I’m a single person business. My painting is labour intensive. I don’t employ an admin worker and I couldn’t trwal through lots of vague contacts in the hope someone might want a painting.

I am happy for people to contact me directly, I can then come to arrangements with people who want to commission me. It takes time to complete paintings. If I were to start doing prints of them I might need to advertise. I guess I’m afraid of letting people down and getting overwhelmed.

Does anyone else advertise? I don’t even have ads on my blog posts. I don’t like them and I don’t want to endorse products I don’t know and would never use myself.