Too many Ads

I just want to switch off!

I’m watching the last day of the Paralympics. It’s been a wonderful display of talent and sporting prowess. My only dislike? Repetitious ad breaks! Yes I know who the sponsors are. I don’t need reminding every five minutes!

Let me put this out there. I’m not in the market to buy a new car, some new technology, or a new TV. I’m not interested in the channels new dramas, and if I did I wouldn’t need to be told over and over again when it’s on, my short and long term memory is fine… Its still 2019 isn’t it?


Contact me


I just had an email through my contact me section of this blog. Promising thousands of engagements and interest for a small monthly fee.

The answer is, no thank you. I’m a single person business. My painting is labour intensive. I don’t employ an admin worker and I couldn’t trwal through lots of vague contacts in the hope someone might want a painting.

I am happy for people to contact me directly, I can then come to arrangements with people who want to commission me. It takes time to complete paintings. If I were to start doing prints of them I might need to advertise. I guess I’m afraid of letting people down and getting overwhelmed.

Does anyone else advertise? I don’t even have ads on my blog posts. I don’t like them and I don’t want to endorse products I don’t know and would never use myself.