So colours represent specific emotions? Maybe? But who sets them. Is it a historical thing? Some countries have black as their colour of mourning. But others use white, and who knows what else might be favoured elsewhere. Red is hot, fast, speed, fast cars are often red. But what about red for danger. Traffic lights, live wires and of course blood? But red can be sweet like fruit too.

Green has been found to be calming, and maybe blue too. Linked with the colours of growing plants. Green indoor plants can calm workers. Now green walls of plants are fashionable.

Pink for girls, blue for boys. But a couple of hundred years ago it was the other way round. Perhaps our use of colours to represent emotions is just fashion and fad!

Sitting in the dark.


Sitting in the dark,

knocked for six,

Feeling so sad,

so sad, so sad.

Never really met,

But deep inside I knew,

we would always be friends,

buddies, chums.

Artist, faithful, thoughtful,

always so kind.

Mother, aunt and wife,

carer for her family,

Matriarch and home maker,

gentle and kind.

Shocked by the news,

came out of the blue,

crying so much,

So sad, so bad.

So sad.

Farewell friend.


Farewell old friend.


I found this posted onto a friends story on Facebook this morning.

I knew she had been ill and had come home from hospital, but because my friend lived in America it was not as easy to keep in touch.

We had spoken over the Internet early last year. I probably should have called he more often. But life gets in the way. I admired her art. I first met her on the Internet at a website called Sketchfu. The site is long gone, but we discussed art and drew pictures and enjoyed our artistic friendship. We both then joined a site called Muzy, which also closed. But a friendship had been made and stuck.

In later years she posted her art to Instagram. Her work was full of beautiful drawings of women and lovely landscapes. All drawn with soft and thin layers of bright colours.

Now she is gone. I won’t see her art anymore. At least a message was posted telling us she has gone. A friend lost. I mourn her passing.