Sleeping cat


Cats are good at sneaking into places when you are not looking. Here’s our Tom cat. Now my hubby can’t sit down because the cat has picked his armchair to lie down on. My hubby has gone to bed.. (I sometimes think in the game of cats v humans, our cats have won!).

Add to this getting shares of food we are eating, and you can see they are onto a good thing!

Grey cat

Grey Cat, you sit and wait, for Mum or Dad or daughter Dotty.

But none come, they are gone….

Did you leave them, or they you? No one knows,

abandoned or lost, you have no home, but a brick shell, dilapidated, fusty, dirty, roof gone, open to frost.

Grey Cat, you are friendly, dusty, big head, thin….

You are white that is grey, and grey that is dark grey.

Your human Mum and Dad may miss you, but have already grieved, your loss tore apart a family.

Grey Cat, you have a territory, but bulldozers encroach.

Are you a Dad, are your kittens with their Mum. Do they rest their paws on dirt, or on old willow pattern tiles?

Grey Cat, I wish you well, may your days be long and loved.

Fare you well…….