Filters. How many? I think about five in my vacuum cleaner. All of them get blocked up. So when you come to clean them out you have to clear each one. Having long hair and cats doesn’t help. Our old cleaner was a lot more efficient and needed less maintenance. I guess the twists and turns dust has to follow through the machine, causes the blockages, like blood clots in a branching venous system. Not to mention… Hubby’s socks that get left in odd places and cause more problems! Argh!

4 thoughts on “Vacuuming

  1. Aha!!! Now see here’s something I may be able to actually provide a useful, helpful answer about for once.

    My house is a large, open plan with ceramic tiling in the hallway, dining / kitchen area and wood flooring throughout the rest of downstairs. It’s murder trying to keep it clean and free from the eternal tumbleweed type nightmare of dog hair. Not only that we’re in the middle of nowhere, I spend most of my days trudging around muddy fields, farmland and stables so bring home more hair, dust and bits of hay and straw and the wellies, boots and leads / ropes kept in the hallway inevitably pick up their fair share of crap and nasties too.

    Went through God knows how many vacuums over the years that either ended up clogged or with the bagless ones, just started to be harder work either with the smell of hair and dust and grit collecting that meant having to soak the cylinder and pipes more often than was worth the hassle.

    What I do now is use a good brush / broom to sweep as much of the floors, skirting boards and even walls from hair and grit and muck. Collect it all in one area, sweep and throw into bin with standard dustpan and brush.

    Then once a week or so I’ll give nooks and crannies a going over with the “Henry” using tools and extensions to get rid of the smaller bits and blast with steam cleaner.
    Whatever bits of hair or other stuff you might have missed with a brush or vacuum get blasted out of hiding by the steamer.

    Sounds a lot of work (it’s not trust me – I’m bone idle and don’t do cleaning) but only needs a daily run around with the brush, good hoover and then a blast with the steamer which covers a huge area in one go.

    Ta-dah! 🙂


      1. Ahh right. I rag off and clean as much of the muddy boots and doors as possible outside but have large rubber matting down at the back patio doors which are great for sticking wet muddy boots to dry. You can blast and batter them outside with a standard hose pipe too but we’re heavy duty mud and filth at ours. My hallway looks like a walk in tack room more than family home.

        The hair though – I sympathise. Used to get the vaccum tools out and literally hoover my Springer but she didn’t mind and just lay there whilst I ran over here with the attachments and crevice tool haha!

        Standard brush / broom and steam cleaner has worked a treat for me though 🙂


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