Lumpy grey sky

7.30am, the mornings are drawing in. It’s not fully light yet and we are covered with a lumpy, porridge like, grey sky. Nothing to write home about, as the Beatles sang, all those years ago (I may be misquoting, I think it’s actually nothing to get hung about?) well it’s been a while since I heard it…

Anyway, no sound of rain, or birds, a bit of traffic in the distance and the hum of the fridge motor, the whirring click of the clock, and the rushing sound in my blocked up ear all signify a relatively quiet Sunday morning. The central heating just came on, clicking and expanding metal noises for a few seconds, then the sound of water being pumped. Oh the joys of a modern house. Blanketed under grey clouds….

Bump in the night


Ever since I was burgled years ago I have been very sensitive to hearing sounds at night, especially when they should not be there.  Hearing car doors open, or little thudding noises attract me towards the front door!

The neighbour bangs his windows shut late at night and that makes me jump, then the cats race round chasing each other, like a herd of elephants up and down the stairs….

But its the little subtle noises outside that get me, not the noise of someone using our wheelie bin to put their empty beer can in….but the creaks and groans from the tree branches near the house, quiet footsteps passing the front door. Then a sudden screech of brakes as a car comes down the hill too fast.

We have whistling windows so when its windy you can hear the whoosh of air hitting the house, I actually quite like that. Occasionally there is the sound of cats fighting, or the strange squeal of foxes. All this in an urban area.

Sometimes I go outside with a torch,  I imagine I am scary enough to frighten an intruder off…. the only thing that happens then is I end up walking on slugs or snails as the garden is quite overgrown……

What noises are right and what are wrong?  The gate opening is wrong, rattling noises by the side window, the metallic clunk of the gate bolt moving…..milk bottles by the gate rattling are all wrong…,what’s right? Birdsong late at night, don’t hear it as much at this time of year. Friendly voices of people passing on their way home, not the rowdy shouting we sometimes hear.

I realise there is a lot more going on out there than I thought. Better than tinnitus though!

Night all x