Panic mode!

I am doing a college course in illustration and as far as I’m aware we are supposed to be doing working drawings, just drafts, so I’ve done a lot of doodles and drawings, trying ideas and layouts. But when I looked at what my fellow students have done everything looks fully worked up. I’m questioning whether I have missed the brief? I can only do what they ask. Quite worried now.


A couple of watercolours I’ve done over the last two days after watching a talk about using them. I wish I had stretched the paper as it curled because of the amount of water I used. The first is called ‘Why don’t cats keep still?’, basically it’s my boy cat washing, but he was constantly moving, the second is ‘lamp’. It’s the view of the back of our living room with a standard lamp and dream catcher with reflections. I used Arteza metallic watercolours and Windsor and Newton Watercolours to paint these sketches.


just when I thought I had got this…

I clicked classic this time and seem to have converted to blocks? I really don’t know what I’m doing, but as with my art I am learning….

so anyway I’ve added a few recent drawings and experiments to see what a collage page looks like. The “this page has been left blank intentionally is to signify the blank stare I had when I clicked the wrong button.

oddly it wont let me upload any new images, just the ones I’ve already used,,, hmmm….

Quick figures


Quick sketches of figures while I sat on a roundabout in the park yesterday. I added a little dog, sitting next to one of them. And an older female figure stooped over. Our project this week at college was to do various things, including drawing a person walking. I must do a better job, but these were a couple of minutes each, max.

They could be neat and tidy, but you can’t nail people down to make them still when you try and draw them.




I did these a few months ago. The designs had to include red and black. I was going to send them off to a website but I forgot, got to involved in other things and lost track of time, so by the time I did remember it was too late. Adding more white to both images helped I think because you can see the images more clearly. I’ve always thought two cats would make a good yin yang symbol, and the teapot? Because we live in the heart of the potteries.




Urban sketchers Stoke-on-Trent challenge day 34. Texture. My hubby sitting on his armchair on a black throw and leaning on a multi coloured knitted cushion cover.  The floor is covered with a blue textured and patterned rug.

I also tried to accentuate my hubbies smooth skin.

I used Faber Castell, goldfaber aqua pencils and Grafix coloured pencils. The Faber Castell ones are bendable with water. Only four mour days to go.


Day 30 ‘ornament’


I decided to do a more colour drawing for #uskstoke challenge today. I have lots of ornaments, mostly covered in dust I’m afraid.

Today is day 30 out of 38, so it’s just over a week till it finishes. A few people have kept going through the whole series and others have dipped in and out.

See you with more tomorrow…. X



I drew this today. Its part of the urban sketchers Stoke-on-Trent challenge day eleven. I think most people drew their cars outside their houses. Few are moving anywhere. Batteries will be going flat. Spark plugs are dry, oil has settled in the bottom of the engine.

The tree shaped marks on the drawing are the pattern on my net curtains. Well you can’t have people walking past and looking in, can you?

Adding some flavour


That was today’s USK challenge, draw something that adds flavour. Trouble was I’m getting low on tasty stocks, the strongest thing in the cupboard was English Mustard.

There was vinegar, soup, custard powder, a hot drink mix, pilchards, sardines and tuna in there together with the mustard. I think there were probably some lentils in there too.

Funny what you realise you’ve got. It should keep us going for a few more days.