Ideas generation

Sometimes you have to draw things out to decide if you can use the idea. This set of drawings was done last year as ideas generation. I eventually decided on the theme ‘time flies’. They are visual metaphors, although I think of them more as visual ‘puns’ or plays on words. Goodness knows where some of them came from, my brain must be oddly wired!

Ideas for dragon wings

Dragonfly, gossamer and transparent. Rainbow hued like oil on water.

Scaly, leathery, patterned scales cover the wings and flutter as the wind blows over them.

Batwinged, stretched between long thin bones. Good for gliding and flitting silently.

Feathered, similar to Pegasus wings, bright white or golden. Shaped like an eagles wings.

Butterfly. So delicate, barely able to hold a dragon aloft. They are fine and delicate. Made of magical stuff.

Finally kite shaped. Stretched over a frame. Bright colours and even streamers of material. Light and strong.

Panic mode!

I am doing a college course in illustration and as far as I’m aware we are supposed to be doing working drawings, just drafts, so I’ve done a lot of doodles and drawings, trying ideas and layouts. But when I looked at what my fellow students have done everything looks fully worked up. I’m questioning whether I have missed the brief? I can only do what they ask. Quite worried now.

My manifesto at the moment


It’s quite simple at the moment. I think college want something a bit more thought out though? Ideas anyone?

I know I left off world peace. Please forgive me. It’s a bit tongue in cheek (humorous) but why not. With everything so grim at the moment.

Anyway back to typing things up. Later x