Got to try

My manifesto?

So tired I’m writing my Manifesto for my future as an artist and an illustrator. This was a rough draft. I’ve changed a lot of it, but it struck me as being appropriate for the problems with WordPress. I must be forgiving (not sure why though). Is it because I come from a polite society where being effacing is the acceptable norm. I don’t think the British are as polite as some other societies though. You can get a lot of passive aggressive behaviour, backhanded complements, oh I could go on… But will it get lost when I post? And where do I add categories and tags?

Writing my Manifesto


I decided to place some text in my writing while I actually decide what I want to put in my college manifesto, (sometimes you see pieces of Latin put in a document so you can tell how much space your writing will take up) . It has to be about me, to explain what I should be doing to support myself as an artist and illustrator and also how I can support other artists. So I intend to look at things like a Universal income for all. I know some countries are trialling it.

I know some artists who are on very low incomes who have had a slight uprating of their benefits, which has helped slightly, but are still living a hand to mouth existence.

I want to look at what is happening to arts in schools. Perhaps I should be doing workshops with pupils? The lack of spending on equipment, especially in the poorer schools, must be having a detrimental affect on children’s lives.

Finally, I have to think about supporting more community arts groups. I’m determined to support the Arts in a more productive way. Perhaps using my skills as an illustrator. We will see…

My manifesto at the moment


It’s quite simple at the moment. I think college want something a bit more thought out though? Ideas anyone?

I know I left off world peace. Please forgive me. It’s a bit tongue in cheek (humorous) but why not. With everything so grim at the moment.

Anyway back to typing things up. Later x