A Zine…

I tried making a Zine, a concertina of pages with my college images stuck on them. I didn’t know how to make a book and this helped me to work out how to display individual images but as a collection. I intend to try and get pages printed off and then put them in some sort of binder. I also need to do the first inside page and title page plus the front and back covers. I probably don’t need to do the whole thing but it’s a lesson so it’s worth having a go C

Making a Zine

Sixty four pages (32 images, 32 text) later. More glue and parcel tape than I can cope with. The parcel tape is white and has fragile written on it in big red letters.

I started by taping 32 a6 cards together with parcel tape, then gluing down an image and plain paper alternating with each other. My measurements were a bit off so some prints overlapped each other. The result works but is messy. I wrote on the blank sheets vaguely telling a story but it needs doing properly.

We will see what happens.


Today my copy of Falmouth Zine arrived. Its the work of myself and fellow students, we all made self portraits using cut up pieces of monoprint. Then it was Riso printed and we now have the result.

Yes my self portrait looks nothing like me, but it was fun and experimental, and I learnt about making my own monoprint and how a Riso printer works, so yes it was worth having a go!