This is my older boy cat. Sitting in his box in the kitchen, like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth….

This morning he ran in the bathroom. He usually jumps up on the lid of the toilet, then up onto the cupboard by the window to nibble at the plant in there…

Oh no! The lid was up. He jumped, slid and slipped across the seat, plop, splash! Into the toilet bowl (luckily cleaned this morning). Poor cat! Miaow! Very wet cat! He was fine. But I will remember to keep the lid down. I hope he’s a bit more cautious tomorrow!


A few weeks ago I was happier,

painting splodges for a college project,

letting colour flow

and wrap itself into my mind

warping patterns

playing with inking rollers


Then I was sick

nothing serious,

not covid

not anything really

just pain


I have an appointment tomorrow

to check my pain

sort it out

Make it go away…


then I shall sleep,

not wake hourly

gripped by a twisted cramp.