Nail varnish cat

Late last night I decided to colour in a drawing with nail varnish. I did a picture of ‘the cat sat on the mat’, then I coloured in the background with marker pens.

I had difficulty taking a photo I wanted to include the sheen of the varnish but could only get it with the page tipped up. When you look at it straight on the image is a lot flatter. It’s just a design based on the old cat sat on the mat idea. I can imagine it being used as a children’s book illustration.

Drawing with nail varnish

This is a thing now. I had a sketchy picture of my hubby done on black paper. I’d used pastels to do the drawing back in September, but after playing with nail varnish to draw a landscape view, I decided to use them on the drawing. It certainly had an interesting effect. It’s shiny and the colours change depending on where the light bounces off. I finished it off with adding a few lines with a silver marker pen. It reminds me of oil on water.

Side window view of neighbourhood

You know when you just want to do something different? My view out the side window. Including pink orchids. Started out with white chalk on a black background and nail varnishes I don’t wear anymore. Then felt pens, metallic marker pens and more nail varnish including a clear coat…. Messy but fun! Next one might be painted…. Neighbourhood (1). Bit whiffy, I can smell the nail varnish from the other side of the room. As long as it doesn’t crack it should be OK. I think it’s absorbed into the paper. I shall use it on a few more abstract pictures, I used to wear mad colours to work but my nails went manky!