‘Together’ today’s prompt

Today’s #bandofsketchers sketch prompted by ‘together’. This is a collection of stuff together on the chair arm. It is a was hard to decide what to draw, the prompt makes me think of groups of people, family, friends. Clearly I can’t do that. Also cats, if they were together, but our cats scatter to the four winds, unless they are play chasing each other. So I gathered a few things on the chair arm and this was the result.


A lion was waiting on a roundabout when it saw a disco ball in a hall window… The light from the sun reflected off it and made tiny stars sparkle off every surface. The magic it set off created a bronze dragon, which unfortunately was only tiny. It was seen by a bag in the shape of an owl. Which swallowed the dragon whole. The owl then grew new feathers of purple and blue wax. It flew over a lake with oriental buildings and trees. It followed an orange man walking backwards with his legs sticking through the bottom of a boat. Two people watched on in horror. Finally all the owls toy cushion friends stood and applauded as it flew in and landed quietly and quickly in the corner.

Yes that is a lot of silly words, but I’d gathered these odd photos together and wanted to describe them. Not much of a story really!

Circles, today’s USK prompt.


I just had to find circles to draw¬† for today’s Stoke on Trent urban sketchers challenge. I hope ellipses count as tipped up circles. In that case there are rings, a mug, a dream catcher and a mobile in this sketch… If not I guess the dream catcher and mobile in the window count. Black ink on cartridge paper.¬† Next drawing due Sunday I think….



I wanted some objects to add to my new bathroom which had been painted in a lovely sky blue. The green and gold bowl is glass made at the nearby Portmerion factory in Stoke. the cats head was from a friend, I dont know its origin. I placed it above the bowl to look like it was lapping. The blue bottles are an old medicine bottle and an old gin bottle. The yellow glass bowl came from a place called Amerton farm, the small pinky bottle with a stopper was from a jumble sale. Finally the brown and turquoise bowl was a raffle prize. The fern is one I grew before we had the bathroom done, it had to come back in. I do like the combinations of colour.