A lion was waiting on a roundabout when it saw a disco ball in a hall window… The light from the sun reflected off it and made tiny stars sparkle off every surface. The magic it set off created a bronze dragon, which unfortunately was only tiny. It was seen by a bag in the shape of an owl. Which swallowed the dragon whole. The owl then grew new feathers of purple and blue wax. It flew over a lake with oriental buildings and trees. It followed an orange man walking backwards with his legs sticking through the bottom of a boat. Two people watched on in horror. Finally all the owls toy cushion friends stood and applauded as it flew in and landed quietly and quickly in the corner.

Yes that is a lot of silly words, but I’d gathered these odd photos together and wanted to describe them. Not much of a story really!

The cats IN the bag

He’s in there,

curled up,


he fell in love

with this bag.

Soft blue dreams,

wafting from its open top.

Watch out cat,

feet pass you,

within inches,

but you are not disturbed.

You sleep on,

chasing toy mice,

feathered toys,

racing against jaguars and tigers.

Feeling Fleet footed.

Curled up, warm,

happy paws.

Cat got to the vets!


It was time to take my cat to the vets for her second inoculation. But she knows when I’m planning things, she’s very bright. What to do? I got some nice cat food but didn’t give her any until just before we were due to go out. She followed me into the kitchen and I shut the door. Next I shooed her into the bathroom and shut that door. I had prepared her carrying bag so I quickly scooped her up. Put her in the bag and flapped the lid over… But I couldn’t hold the bag shut and zip it. So I called hubby… He didn’t hear me! The doors were shut! I had to carry the bag with the flap closed by holding it shut and carry it into the living room where my hubby closed the bag.

Result! My cat got her shot!